Wooden Shoes 12/22

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In Holland, boys and girls put out their wooden shoes filled with hay and carrots for Sinterklaas’  horse.  If they have been good, they awake to find their shoes filled with candy and toys,  If not, they will get only switches in their shoe.

This was a fun ornament.  I shaped the shoe and the carrots from air dry clay. While they were still wet I inserted some wisps of princess grass from my garden painted green into the end of the carrots and a hanger into the shoe.  Once dry, I painted them with acrylics and then assembled  them using non painted wisps of princess grass to resemble hay.  Add a bow and it is ready for the tree.

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Vrolijk Kerstfeest en en Gelukkig Neiuwjaarl,


(that is Merry Christmas in Dutch)


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